domingo, 24 de junho de 2012

Alguns trechos interessantes do livro: Yeast - The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation

1) "Upon inoculation into wort, the cells first utilize their glycogen reserves and any available oxygen to revitalize their cell membranes for optimal permeability and transfer nutrients and sugars. The cells rapidly absorb oxygen and begin to pick up sugar and nutrients from the wort".

2) "Flocculating too early tends to result in a beer thais is underattenuated and sweet. However,when yeast fail to flocculate entirely, it results in a beer that is cloudy with a yeasty taste".

3) Factors that influence the degree of floculation include the original gravity of the wort, temperature of fermentation, pitching rate and inicialoxygen content. Keep in mind anything that affects the health and growth rate of the yeast affects flocculation".

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